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We were sorry that we had to cancel our planned 3D Days Denmark April 21st - We were really looking forward to meet you and to show you some exciting presentations with tips and tricks from some of our 3D partners: Rhino, V-Ray and SketchUp.

 As soon as the circumstances allows it, we will invite to a inspiring live-event.

-Even though we could not do it IRL we have decided to arrange a series of events - we just do it in a slightly different way...


You and your colleagues are invited to 3D Days Online:

You will get three webinars with our 3D partners showing news, tips & tricks, workflow improvements and much more, and you will be able to join with a simple click.


All webinars starts at 10.30 am, and
below you can see the dates and themes
and sign up via the form


The first webinar was launched on May 19, where the participants were presented with our latest tool in the box: VisualARQ - BIM for Rhino. Exchange Rhino BIM info with other AEC software

Read more about VisualARQ at their website


And at the end of round one, ChaosGroup will visit us on June 9. They will also show some of the new stuff in their beta version and the latest V-Ray news.

On June 11 Rhino is on. The session has been moved to this date, so you still have a chance to join us. We will look at some of the new technologies and the WIP (Work-In-Progress) beta version that they are currently developing. 

We hope we have aroused your curiosity and would like to attend. We are really looking forward to seeing you online.

Finally, remember to spread the word to your 3D colleagues, everyone is welcome. Stay safe.

And HEY! - Stay tuned.

More news and more exiting events and webinars are coming to a screen near you.

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If you're interested in hearing more about 3D Days Online, or you want to know more about our 3D software solutions. Feel free to contact us.

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